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Airbrush Cleaning Pot -

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For cleaning the residual color in airbrushes.

The latest design clean pot is not only for cleaning the residual color in airbrushes, but also provides 2 extra functions.

The cap can be used as the palette and water cap. To be used as Airbrush Holder.

Its features include:

  • Equipped with airbrush for both gravity-feed and siphon-feed airbrush
  • Glass bottle and a handle keeps the cleaning pot in balance
  • Durable lid is made of solvent proof material
  • Easy to clean lid and bottle
  • Comes with a plastic container to fit all parts


Handling Method:

For Cleaning Airbrushes


  1. Open the cap and place the filter in to the hole.
  2. Place water about 1.5cm into the pot before using.
  3. Attach the nozzle to the airbrush insertion port and inject the cleaning solvent.
  4. Then fully push down and pull back on the trigger.
  5. Change the filter when it gets dirty.
Quantity in stock: 9
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